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RE: Further Training Aerial Instructors Course


Terms & Conditions

BOOKING: In order to book a place a non-refundable deposit of £150 is payable. 

The balance of the full fees must be paid 30 days before the start of the course.  

Application to book a spot win the course can be made by email to

You will need to provide evidence that you are a Yoga teacher. 

Once you are accepted and registered on the course your details will be passed to Yoga Alliance Professionals, as a trainee. They will then contact you with instructions to become members.

The fees must be full paid and any private sessions paid for before the graduation

course. Makeup for missed time arrangements can be made but will be charged at £50 per hour.


If trainees who attend the 5 hour teacher only “Aerial Yoga workshop” day on Feb 23rd 2019 with Melissa Mace, are eligible to deduct the £75 paid and the first 5 hr Module from the course total. The Workshop day covers Module 1 from the 40 hr Course. Attendees will have the option at the end of workshop to book the full course. 

Complaints Procedure:

The following refers to what you can do if you feel dissatisfied with the way you have been treated while in the course or the service/teaching provided on the course. 

There are steps you can follow to make a complaint:

Step1: first step is to speak to the individual involved and course leader and try to resolve the issue. 

Step 2: Write a letter to the course leader explaining the details of your complaint. Include as much detail as possible including what support and outcome you expect as a result of the complaints. 

You can expect to receive a response within 3 working days. 

The response will include Details of the investigation and a decision or solution. If you are not able to have a full resolution to you complaint within 30 days the letter will explain why. 


30 hours contact training and assessment with a YAP Ch L2 Yoga teacher. 


Food, transport, accomodation, recommended textbooks, or note taking materials.

Insurance** (see note below on insurance) 

Certificate - Paying the course fees does not guarantee passing, you must complete all the tasks and assignments and attend minimum 80% or the face to face training to pass. 

(The emphasis is on hands on practical learning, and verbal passing on of information students are responsible for their own note taking).

**When you sign up to this accredited course your name email address and phone number will be sent to Yoga Alliance Professionals YAP/ You will get a free membership with YAP for the duration of the course . You are also eligible to purchase Trainee insurance for the duration of the course from YAP. Residents of UK can purchase Insurance for £10 and residents or Ireland for £20. Contact YAP direct to arrange. 


The £150 deposit is non-refundable. 

The course fees are due 30 days before the start. 

If trainees cancel 30 days before of the start of the course the fees minus the £150 non-refundable deposit will be refunded.

If cancelled less than 30 days before the start of the course there will be no refund. However, on a case by case basis you may be able to transfer your place on the course to someone else. This will depend on if there is someone on the waiting list eligible and prepared to take your place on the course. 

If you need to pull out once the course has already started or part way through the course there will be no refunds given.  

Procedure on how to make a cancellation: If a trainee needs to apply for  for refund they can do so by email to 


The Teacher of the course retains the right to cancel the course. If this occurs at any point in time all trainers will receive a full refund of any course fees paid including deposit. 

ATTENDANCE:Trainees are expected to attend all modules and the 30 hours of face to face contact, if however due to unforeseen circumstance the trainee misses part of the course they can discuss this o an individual basis the the teacher. 


This training course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP) and therefor meets their high standards of instructor training.

YAP requirements are me by: 


A Registered Yoga Teacher


Course is taught by a registered YAP Trainer. 

Melissa Mace is a Chartered Level 2 Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. She teaches all the modules and and assessments, teaching 100% of the course.


When you successfully meet the accreditation standards of this course, you receive the following YAP Status (subject to you joining YAP):


YAP Registered Teachers – if you are already a YAP member, or if your original yoga teacher training was with a YAP recognized teacher training school, then you are awarded a YAP further training hours training for your YAP career pathway (Associate, Chartered etc.).

Registered Yoga Teacher (but whose original teacher training is with a teacher training school not recognized by YAP) – if your original yoga teacher training school is not recognized by YAP then you will be awarded YAP Affiliate Status. 

This recognizes that you have a YAP accredited specialism, but that you are not a full YAP member.


YAP works to build and maintain the highest levels of instructor training. As the accrediting body for this course it is important that YAP have details of all trainees and of those who accredit.

Within 7 days of starting this course, YAP will be given your name, email and telephone details.

Details of those meeting the accreditation standard will be given to YAP within 7 days of the course ending.

Becoming a YAP Member

If you are eligible for YAP Affiliate Status, then you will need to join YAP in order to be registered as a YAP Affiliate.

Benefits of becoming a registered member include:

Listing on the YAP website Affiliate Registry: inclusion allows employers and clients to confirm your status and to search for Affiliates in their area.

Use of YAP logo for your own promotion

Free trade account with YAP Store – giving you savings on all yoga-related training equipment

Regular newsletters

Write and share articles

Free subscription to YAP Amrita magazine

Membership is free during your training, and then £120 p.a. plus a one-off sign-up fee of £35 which is waivered if you join within 14 days of graduation.


YAP full members (Associates, Chartered etc.) receive insurance for the teaching of yoga through YAP

YAP Affiliates do not receive insurance through YAP as Affiliates are not full YAP registered yoga teachers members. However the providers of your existing professional insurance should extend or offer multi-therapy insurance to include teaching yoga on the basis of this course. You must check with your insurer that this is available. As a general principal, Balens Insurance will offer multi-therapy insurance for those accrediting to this course (however as with all insurance this is on a case-by-case basis)



Dear student

In order to maintain high standards, it is important that you reach a certain minimum standard. If  I feel that this is not the case, I will speak to you privately. Students who are not meeting the required standards for accreditation will be asked to improve on the areas of weakness, and demonstrate improvement, before being issued with accreditation. All successful students can be registered on the Yoga Alliance Professionals’ database of accredited teachers.

Please print and complete: 

This Code of Conduct is a declaration of acceptable and professional behaviour by which all Yoga Alliance Professionals Registered and Affiliated Yoga Teachers agree to.

As a Registrant of Aerial Yoga Instructor Training, I (__________________________________) agree to uphold the ethical goals set forth in the following Code of Conduct:

1. To ensure that safe and effective teaching is available to the public.

2. To provide the public with access to safe and effective yoga teachers.

3. To maintain and uphold the traditions of Hatha Yoga. To teach yoga from the experience of these traditions and to disseminate these teachings to anyone, from any background, who earnestly desires to follow these traditions

4. Uphold the integrity of my vocation by conducting myself in a professional and conscientious manner.

5. Acknowledge the limitations of my skills and where appropriate, refer students to seek alternative instruction, advice.

6. Create and maintain a safe, clean, environment for the practice of yoga.

7. Encourage diversity by respecting all students regardless of age, physical limitations, race, creed, gender, ethnicity, religion affiliation, or sexual orientation.

8. Respect the rights, dignity, and privacy of all students.

9. Avoid words and actions that constitute sexual harassment.

10. Follow all local government and national laws that pertain to my yoga teaching and business.

I agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions (as set out in the accompanying document) and requirements as set out in the course curriculum, and accept that failure to do so will disqualify me from any accreditation. I furthermore vow to uphold the standards of the teachings I have been given, and to maintain and promote the good name of yoga at all times. 

Print Name ________________________________________________________________________

 Course and starting date ________________________________________________________________________

Signed and dated ________________________________________________________________________

certificate will be given. 

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