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"I would highly recommend Melissa’s Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course. Melissa has a very warm and welcoming approach, instilling confidence in your aerial practice from the start. At the same time as giving a thorough understanding of all aspects of aerial yoga, she invites students to explore their own practice and encourages them to learn from each other throughout this wonderful shared experience. Melissa is generous with her time, knowledge and hospitality.
Even if you aren’t intending to teach Aerial Yoga, you are sure to enjoy yourself at the same time as expanding your knowledge. Thank you Melissa 🙏 I loved it!"

Catherine Milne, Ageless Yoga - Surrey

This 3 day course is in designed for Yoga teachers 

Dates TBA


Aerial yoga is essentially using a hammock in a wide variety of ways to enhance your Yoga practice. This course will allow Yoga teachers to become proficient at using the hammocks as a prop for their own practice. They will also learn how to safely teach aerial yoga to students in both a private and group setting. Trainees will also learn the history of aerial practices, benefits, risks, safety, set up, class design, and class management. By the end of the course trainees will be equipped with the knowledge needed to teach Aerial yoga.

The course has four main areas of learning:

1. Evolution and Benefits of Aerial Yoga & Health and safety 

2. Aerial Asanas

3. Class Design & Class Management 

4. Teaching Assessments

Course Location:


Taught by: Melissa Mace

Member of Yoga Alliance Professionals

RYS500hr Yoga Teacher, Pilates teacher, Pilates Institute London 2003,  YMCA exercise teacher 1996

Trainees will need to attend min 3 days of training, and complete Homework assigned. Upon successful completion of the full course trainees will receive an Aerial Yoga Instructors certificate, 

The trainees will have a deeper knowledge of:

BKS Iyengar and the use of props, ropes & yoga walls

The evolution of the aerial yoga hammock

Aerial arts vs aerial asanas

Types of Aerial yoga equipment

Styles of Aerial yoga dynamic vs restorative

Safety during a group class.

Contra-indications and pre-cautions

Knowing when not do Aerial Yoga

Aerial equipment

Spotting students

Health and Safety



Class Design

Planning for the level of the group

You will become Proficient at the following:

Prepping students for an aerial class

Explaining pre-cautions and safety in a class situation

Demonstrating aerial asanas

Teaching aerial asanas*

Using Alternatives and modifications for students who need them

Flow and tempo

Staying a step ahead of the group

Monitoring class

*(You will each get the opportunity to teach a 30 minute aerial yoga class, the other trainees will act as the students)


This course has been designed for Yoga and Pilates Teachers. It is also recommended but not essential to have some previous experience with either Aerial yoga, Acro yoga, or the Aerial arts. Trainees will need to be in good health with no medical conditions which would prevent safe aerial yoga practice.

Evaluations of trainees

The assessment will be ongoing process throughout the course. Support and feedback will be given regularly, to ensure the trainees feel confident and competent and are getting support they need at each module.

(non refundable deposit £150)


Terms & Conditions

BOOKING: In order to book a place a non-refundable deposit of £150 is payable.

The balance of the full fees must be paid 30 days before the start of the course.

Application to book a spot win the course can be made by email to

You will need to provide evidence that you are a Yoga teacher.

Once you are accepted and registered on the course your details will be passed to Yoga Alliance Professionals, as a trainee. They will then contact you with instructions to become members.

The fees must be full paid and any private sessions paid for before the graduation certificate will be given.


 3 days Training and assessment with a Senior Yoga teacher.


Food, transport, accomodation, recommended textbooks, or note taking materials.

Insurance** (see note below on insurance)

Certificate - Paying the course fees does not guarantee passing, you must complete all the tasks and assignments and attend minimum 80% or the face to face training to pass.

(The emphasis is on hands on practical learning, and verbal passing on of information students are responsible for their own note taking)


The £150 deposit is non-refundable.

The course fees are due 30 days before the start.

If trainees cancel 30 days before of the start of the course the fees minus the £150 non-refundable deposit will be refunded.

If cancelled less than 30 days before the start of the course there will be no refund. However, on a case by case basis you may be able to transfer your place on the course to someone else. This will depend on if there is someone on the waiting list eligible and prepared to take your place on the course.

If you need to pull out once the course has already started or part way through the course there will be no refunds given.

Procedure on how to make a cancellation: If a trainee needs to apply for for refund they can do so by email to


The Teacher of the course retains the right to cancel the course. If this occurs at any point in time all trainers will receive a full refund of any course fees paid including deposit.

ATTENDANCE: Students are required to complete the entire course syllabus including a final assessment, Makeup for missed time arrangements can be made but will be charged at £50 per hour.

Trainees will need to attend scheduled of training, and complete Homework assigned. Upon successful completion of the full course trainees will receive an Aerial Yoga Instructors certificate, 

Upcoming Events

  • Aerial Yoga  Taster for Teachers
    17 Mar, 11:00 – 14:30
    Hereford, 7, Fields Yd, Plough Ln, Hereford HR4 0EL, UK
    A workshop for Yoga/Pilates/Fitnes teachers to experience aerial yoga & hanging inversions. Stretch and lengthen the spine, de-compress the body & build core strength. This day is both taster for those to want to do the full teacher training and those who just want to try something new & have fun!!
  • Yoga Teachers Worshop - Art of Assisting
    21 Apr, 18:00 – 22 Apr, 19:00
    Twyford Common, Lyndhurst Farm, Twyford Common, Hereford HR2 8AD, UK
    Did you train during lockdown and missed out on assists or maybe just want some new ideas? Hands on Yoga can take your students to a new level, come along and experience how working in pairs can transform your own practice and take away new ideas and skills to enhance your Yoga teaching!
  • Aerial Yoga Instructor Course -Hereford
    12 May, 10:00 – 14 May, 17:00
    Wye Circus, 7, Fields Yd, Plough Ln, Hereford HR4 0EL, UK
    Learn how to safely teach aerial yoga classes, 3 day course for Yoga and pilates teachers
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